Pavel Francev - visual artist and sportsman  

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

Ernest Hemingway

Several people were standing in the room looking at the puppies climbing each others back, fighting, growling, biting. They had this little area fenced for them and all but one puppy couldn’t get out of there. All but one. Little, chubby, blue-eyed weimaraner made his way to the other side. This pooch is now known as Cooper and he is the one responsible for Pavel

becoming an artist. That’s right, a dog brought Pavel into the world of hunting, fly fishing and art.

There are moments too precious to keep them to yourself- moments when a fish rises for your fly, pheasant flushes right in front of you, your dog freezes on point. There's that magic in fly fishing and upland hunting - a kind of experience worth preserving and putting on canvas.

Wherever Pavel is trying to trick that stubborn trout, chase grouse in the woods or paddle that remote lake - art just happens to be that thing uniting it all and giving him an opportunity to promote sporting life.

Natalie Franceva - Photographer, videographer and audio visual guru

"Anticipating problems and figuring out how to solve them is actually the opposite of worrying: it’s productive."

Chris Hadfield

She lives in Victoria, BC and deals with audio visual stuff on a daily basis. Pretty cool, eh? Along  with Pavel and Cooper she spends most of her time outdoors. 

Natalie keeps a visual record of their life. Both with still and moving images. 

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